Udrafter is an online student work experience marketplace where businesses can post one-off jobs or projects to be completed by skilled students within hours, even minutes. Udrafter offers students an opportunity to taste the world of work before they graduate, so they can gain more career decision making power. Businesses can access student talent directly, set an hourly rate that fits within their budget, and build their talent pipeline all in one place.
Udrafter offers a wide range of different one-off jobs and projects for students. We specialise in offering students jobs that are degree relevant. For example, digital marketing, foreign languages, mechanical engineering, marketing, accounting, law, computer science and many more.
A student is an individual who is currently studying towards a degree at a college or university, and is looking to complete a one-off job or project for a job poster (business) to gain relative work experience.
A job poster is a trusted business who posts a one-off job or project to be completed by a student.
Our aim is to provide students with opportunities that are degree relevant so can use the skills you have learned from university and put them into practice in a real working environment. Udrafter offers a wide variety of jobs. This includes social media management, digital marketing e.g. SEO, graphic design, accounting, mechanical engineering, photography, computer programming, the list goes on!
Udrafter was created to give students relevant work experience opportunities that fit around their busy university schedules. Each job that you complete through Udrafter is recorded a registered in your account. As you complete more and more jobs you will achieve certain Udrafter milestones which will not only earn you extra experience, but also rewards! As soon as you finish university or begin to look for a graduate job interview, you can download your Udrafter work experience certificate which will detail all of your hours worked, and the categories of work you have completed. This can be a useful addition to your C.V. which we believe will set you apart from the other candidates. So, what are you waiting for?


  • All students registering with Udrafter must have the right to work in the UK. Students must therefore have UK, EU, EEA, Swiss citizenship or have Indefinite Leave to Remain. Unfortunately, this is a legal requirement as International students on a Tier 4 Visa are unable to work as self employed in the UK.
  • Students must also have a valid university or college matriculation number and email address in order to sign up to Udrafter.
  • A valid student ID card is also required for ID verification when completing jobs.


  • All businesses must be a legitimate trading business entity in the United Kingdom.
  • All businesses must have a valid Companies House Number and representative signing up on behalf of the business.
  • Businesses must have an active company bank account where funds can be transferred.
All students are paid through a cashless payment system on the Udrafter platform. As soon as you have accepted a job with a job poster, your money will be waiting in the Udrafter payment system. When you complete the job, the job poster is then notified and they will release the job payment funds into your trusted bank account within 24 hours. It’s really that simple!

Udrafter will automatically deduct a service charge when the payment is processed. This charge goes towards Udrafter administration costs and always improving the Udrafter platform so that you can enjoy a seamless user experience and have access to more money making job opportunities that suit your lifestyle.
If a student does not show up then a job poster should contact the student via the direct messaging function to try and resolve the issue. If there is no reply from the student then the business must raise a dispute using the dispute function. From here the business will be able to explain the situation and repost the job to other available students in the area.
Udrafter operates on a subscription basis. Whether you are a small businesses, SME or large enterprise you can choose the Annual or Monthly subscription. For small businesses (1-50 employees) the Annual Subscription is an upfront payment of £600 (+VAT) which saves you £100 compared to monthly payments. The Monthly Subscription is £58pm (+VAT) and can be cancelled and reactivated at any time. This gives all business users unlimited jobs posts, unlimited hires, and business users. For businesses with 51-250 or 250+ employees please contact Udrafter support for a quote info@udrafter.com

Account & Profile

You can download the Udrafter app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android. You can also visit www.udrafter.com. Simply click on the link, select whether you are a student or a job poster and follow the registration steps .
Click on the dashboard tab which can be found on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Here you will see an option to Edit Profile, Qualifications, and Work Experience. Once you have added the necessary information you can save your profile.
Click on the dashboard tab and select the change password option - here you can change your current password to a new password that shoulder be easy to remember but difficult to guess.
Whilst we are sad to see you go we understand that you may want to deactivate your account. Select the dashboard tab and at the very bottom select the deactivate your account which will take you through the process. There are two options for this process. Option 1 deactivates the account which means you restricts all of the features on the platform including notifications and updates. This option keeps all of your account information and can be reactivated at anytime. Option 2 completely deletes your account - please be aware that if you delete your account you will remove all of your Udrafter work experience progress, profile details, money earned and all other information to do with your account.

Post a Job

Click on the add job button. Here you can add the title, job description, dates, pay rate, number of hours, the address and an additional information. Once you are happy with all of the information you have provided you simply click the add button at the bottom. Once this is done your job will become live for student to apply.
Udrafter does not support this feature yet but it you require more than one student you can post the same job twice.
Yes please see the Udrafter User Guidelines for information on what job posting content is allowed and not allowed on Udrafter. It is important to be conscious of the content in your job post so that it aligns with the Equality Act 2010 where employers cannot discriminate against employees sex, religion, disability or certain other personal characteristics.
Udrafter is a platform that gives job posters an opportunity to have greater budgetary flexibility in their business. Whilst we give job posters an opportunity to set their own rate of pay for a student completing work, there are certain legal requirements we need to adhere by. The minimum rate allowed to be posted on Udrafter is £8.75 per hour. This is in line with the National Living Wage in Scotland and Udrafters obligation to provide students with a fair wage for the work they complete.
Live jobs will expire once the start date of the job has passes. You can find expired jobs in your draft jobs, and you also have the option to edit this job, including dates, description, pay rate, and times if you wish to repost the same position.
Once your job has been posted it then becomes live on the jobs list for students to see. Students can they apply to your job post and you will be notified when each student applies. You can then review their profile, qualifications, work experience and video C.V before making an offer to a student to complete the job.
Great news! Your one-off job or project is getting a lot of applications. We recommend reviewing the students profile, including reviews, qualifications, work experience and video C.V to ensure the student is the right person for the job.

Udrafter does not allow communication of personal contact details or information on the platform. This includes 3rd party contact details and personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, social media links. This is for your own personal safety and security on and offline.
Assigning a student to your job is straightforward. Simply select my live jobs and click on the job where you will see a list of the students who have applied to your job.

Review the students profile, qualifications, work experience, biography, video C.V, student verification, and make an offer. The student will then be assigned to the job where you can then send instant private messages to exchange any further details about the position.

Make an offer

Simply select a student profile from your list of applications to your job, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Offer Job. The student will then receive a notification that you have made them an offer for the job to be completed, where they can choose to accept or reject the offer.
A business is the only entity who can cancel any given job. The cancel features can be found by clicking on the job in which you wish to cancel and selecting the cancel job button. From here you will follow the cancellation procedure steps.
  • Look out for job posters posting jobs to be completed at strange times of the day.
  • Be wary of unusually high pay rates for jobs and for jobs that are asking for someone immediately.
  • Jobs that are not relevant to your degree such as deliveries, moving boxes, odd jobs like cleaning, academic proofreading or tutoring. These jobs are not supported on Udrafter and will be removed. Please refer to the Udrafter User Guidelines on what jobs are supported and not supported on Udrafter.
You will be able message the student through the inbox messaging function if there are any further details you require before the work is carried out. Once the student arrives to complete the job, you must ask them to present their student ID to verify that their profile matches their ID.


All Udrafter payments are made via our 3rd party payment system Stripe which processes payments safely and securely. Job Posters and Students will give and receive payments through this payment system.
Udrafter Pay is a secure and safe payment system which is used to make payment quick and easy for job posters and students. This is provided through our third party payment processing service Stripe, which ensures your money is transferred safely and securely.
You can manage the payment settings by selecting the dashboard icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen. From here you select Edit Card Details.

Pricing and Payments (Business Perspective)

Udrafter is a transparent platform that connects students and businesses on demand. Below shows how the process works:

  • Accept a student to complete your job
  • Payment is securely held within the Udrafter Payment system
  • The Student completes the job
  • The money is automatically transferred to the student 48 days after the end date of the job
  • Both job poster and student leave reviews for one another
The payment is automatically transferred to the student within 48 hours of the end date of the job. A business can raise a dispute during this 48 day period if they are not happy with the quality of work produced by the student. Payment will be stopped until an investigation is carried out by Udrafter to determine the cause of the dispute. Please refer to the Udrafter Terms & Conditions for further information on payment disputes.
An invoice is made available within your stripe account which is downloadable from your Stripe account.

Pricing and Payments (Student Perspective)

As soon as the job is complete you will receive the funds within 48 hours from the end date of the job.

Please make sure to check the following:

  • That your card has not expired
  • That you have not made an error with entering the card number
  • That you have entered the CVC security number on the back of your card
  • Make sure your card is activated if it is new
  • That you have enough funds within your account to make a payment
  • Make sure you enter your name as it appears on the card without your title e.g. Mr, Miss, Mrs
Make sure that you have enough funds within the account which you are paying with. If this issue persists please contact Udrafter Customer Support

Changes & Cancellations

Navigate to your live jobs tab, select the job you want to reschedule and then select the reschedule button. Here you will be able to change the date, time, and place if necessary. Once you save the student will be notified who can then choose to accept or speak to you via the messaging function.
Refunds will be paid back within 2-5 days from acceptance of a refund claim.
We would suggest that you wait at least 24-48 hours for a response from the student. When they reply you can continue to complete the job on the specified date or you could reschedule if the timings no longer work for either of you.

If they do not respond then you can cancel the job and repost it for the hundreds of other students will be available to complete your job.
Select the job you wish to cancel and at the bottom of the screen select the cancel job option. Continue to follow the cancellation process, and this will remove you your job from the list once Udrafter has confirmed that the reason for cancelling is appropriate.
We are really sorry if this has happened to you and sometimes it will happen. If the student cancels or does not show up then inform them that you are cancelling the job via the messaging function. Select the job you would like cancelled and then choose the cancel job option which will take you through the cancellation process.
Unfortunately, this scenario may arise from time to time. If the student decides they can no longer complete work prior to the job starting, then a job poster must cancel the job via the cancel job button. From here you will be able to submit the reason for cancellation and follow the cancellation process. You will then be able to offer the job to another student who previously applied.
If a job poster cancels a job you will be notified of the cancellation. You will be able to view the reason for the job being cancelled.
If you do not agree with the cancellation reason you can raise a dispute or get in touch with Udrafter who will be able to investigate the situation further.


You can update your Udrafter notifications via your mobile device settings - simply navigate to the apps listing in your settings and you can change how you receive Udrafter notifications.
We want to make Udrafter a safe environment and so we do not support users sharing their personal information for your own safety. Links to third party services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, personal emails, personal websites , phone numbers addresses are prohibited for security reasons.
Private messages can only be sent once a student has accepted an offer from a job poster where further details can be given about the job.

Ratings & Reviews

Reviews are posted by students and job posters to increase the quality of students completing work for businesses and standard of working environment from businesses.
When a job offer is accepted and the work has been completed by the student, both the student and job poster will be prompted to post a review.

The following are not supported on Udrafter:

  • Reviews which do not relate to the work carried out by the student
  • Posting racist, discriminatory, defamatory, derogatory, and offensive content (also includes trolling and taunting)
  • Posting harmful or illegal content
  • Content which violates a person's privacy such as revealing personal information or their identity.

Community Guidelines

You will be notified if you have breached the community guidelines and your account will be placed with restrictions, and or deactivated for a period of time. In serious legal or criminal circumstances your account may be removed completely.

Please click here to read the Udrafter User Guidelines.

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Recommended Actions

  • Make sure you provide as much detail as possible regarding a job description for a job you are posting as a business. Equally, be detailed about the experience you have as a student.
  • Ask Questions: No question is a stupid questions so make sure you know the full facts before making an offer on a job or accepting a job offer.
  • Don’t cancel a job last minute (i.e. on the day of the job). Give at least 48 hours notice if it is absolutely necessary that you cancel the job.

Not Recommended

  • Underestimate the amount of work to be done and the pay rate you will set for a student to complete the work.
  • Post a job that goes against the rules of the Udrafter User Guidelines.
We recommend that if you have a problem with your job poster, you communicate this with them and try to resolve the issue amicably. If this does not work then we recommend that you get in touch with the Udrafter customer service team info@udrafter.com.
  • A job poster can raise a payment dispute with 48 hours of the end date of the job. This dispute feature can be found by selecting the live job. Udrafter will then review the reason for the dispute and will investigate the evidence used in the claim to come to a resolution.
  • All users may raise issues or concerns to Udrafter if a user has posted something inappropriate or a users behaviour breaches the User Guidelines. Contact info@udrafter.com
When a student arrives to complete a job they must present their student ID for verification against their account. Udrafter facilitates the connection between a job poster and student but it is up to the job poster to ask for valid identification.

At Udrafter we want to make sure that all users are safe and feel safe when a student completes work for a job poster. Here are some general rules for staying safe:

  • Try to use common sense and instincts in any situation - if something does not feel right or seems unsafe or dangerous, then make sure you can call a close friend or family member.
  • Make sure you tell a friend or family member where you will be and for how long so they know where you are.
  • If for any reason that you feel uncomfortable completing a job for a job poster then please make them aware of how you are feeling and leave the premises. Contact Udrafter on the following number as soon as possible to alert customer services of this issue.
  • Make sure that any cash and personal belongings are kept out of sight.
  • Ask the business to show you their Udrafter account.
  • Ask the student to present their student ID on arrival to verify their identity.

    We highly recommend that all users read through the guidance information for job poster and student safety here.

Insurance & Tax

  • All students who find one-off jobs or projects through Udrafter must register as Self Employed through HMRC. If you are working for any company as a part time member of staff, full time or self employed then any income derived from these positions is taxable.
  • Luckily for students, you are unlikely to exceed your personal allowance threshold of £11,500 for the year studying in the UK. This means you don’t have to pay tax on anything you earn up to £11,500. However, just because you don’t have to pay tax does not mean you do not have to report your earnings to HMRC. More information on this can be found in the Self Employment Registration Guide.
  • This is very important as you may have another part time job as well as finding one-off jobs through Udrafter. All income no matter where it is from, contributes to your personal allowance threshold. You must therefore, keep a record of your earnings through Udrafter, so that when it comes around to submitting your tax return at the end of the financial year, you have all of the information to quickly submit!

Technical issues

Sometimes there maybe an issue with your browser - try clearing your browsing history and cache first, log out of your account and close the browser. Restart the web page and re-enter your login details.

If this issue still persists then please contact Udrafter Customer Support info@udrafter.com
Complete the same steps as above, and contact Udrafter Customer Support if the issue continues.